Who are we? What we do?   

New Start is a certified Japanese Non-Profit Organization which has long helped hikikomori (social shut-ins) to build new lives on three tenets of friendship, work, and cooperation. 

What's NEET/Hikikomori?




NEET is an acronym for Japanese people who are Not Employed, Educating, or in-Training (NEET). Various factors, such as school attendance, pressures at work, and a shrinking economy, have made employment and education simultaneously extremely competitive, desired, and precarious.


Not employed, educated, or in-training, extreme social pressures may eventually deny young people reason to go outside or interact with others and cause them to give up on society. Sometimes, people don’t leave their rooms or houses for months and years at a time. Such recluses are known as hikikomori, which literally means to shut oneself in.


New Start is dedicated to helping those hikikomori, both young and old, overcome these pressures, and return to society. 


Our Vision     


There isn’t one correct path in life.

In the second half of the 20th Century, in order to move from an impoverished nation to economic superpower, Japan’s citizens became economic animals, working tirelessly to transform their country. Even now, Japan is a leading economic power, with the third greatest global GDP.


It’s time to start living again.


Thanks to the work of the 20th Century, the foundations for life have been put into place. We hope that in the 21st Century, Japanese people will be able to enjoy multiple facets of their own lives by forming bonds with others and ultimately create their own form of happiness through life and work.

 How do we help?

①Travelling Counseling 

Our Travelling Counseling Team helps connect socially-withdrawn individuals reconnect with wider society.


More than just talking, we bring Japanese youth places such as movie theaters and amusement parks, enjoying life and various activities together, and building relationships in that process.


In building those relationships, young people also begin to feel the urge to move out of their rooms or homes. Finally, they feel ready to take the next step toward experience and employment in their lives. 

②Dorm Life

While living alongside other hikikomori and NEET, and participating in various local, volunteer, work experience, and even pilgrimage events, our residents build the basis for independence in their lives. 






 Ultimately, our graduates take these experiences

 and choose their own path in society.

 In The Media

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Apr 1994 – Founding of New Start

Aug 1998 – Traveling Counseling Activities Begin

Oct 1999 – New Start opens its first dorm for Hikikomori and NEET 

Nov 1999 – New Start achieves official NPO status.

Aug 2001 – New Start Coffee Shop “Engawa” Opens for Business

Aug 2002 – New Start Restaurant “Momma” Opens for Business

Mar 2005 – Japanese government officially recognizes, and requests help of

                   New Start in helping young people.

Mar 2006 – New Start begins high school graduation certification activities.

Mar 2006 – New Start’s Kizu Bakery Opens for Business

May 2008 – New Start begins Youth Support Center for Local Chiba Residents,
                   providing counseling, and job hunting assistance

Mar 2015 – New Start recognized as International Non Profit Organization

How can I help?

Of course, all of the activities of new start are thanks to generous efforts and contributions of volunteers and donors. We are always looking for bright new team members and volunteers.


There are two ways you can help.




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 Thanks to the generosity of our donors, all of our services are available to those who need them, free of charge. If you would like to be a part of maintaining those services, and play a crucial role in the lives of young people in Japan, you can make a monetary donation here. In addition, these contributions will go a long way towards the organization of future conferences and spreading acknowledgement of the struggles of  Hikikomori and NEET.




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 New Start is always looking to welcome more local and international volunteers.


While getting to know our residents and staff, through counseling, cooking, and participating in events together, you can help make New Start an even brighter and more successful place. Those with professional and academic interests in Japanese social issues are welcome as well. Come be a part of an opportunity you might not experience anywhere else. 

Media Coverage

New Start receives interview and media coverage requests several times per year.

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So we can best help your requests, please first include details of what kind of coverage you would like (Audio, Visual, Etc) as well as what types of people, and the nature of the inquiry. Our staff will then respond individually to each request.


For any further questions and assistance, please contact us from box on below


※Please note
We will receive the coverage in Japanese. Be sure to prepare an interpreter.
There is a charge.